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#102 - Is Social Media Bad for Democracy?

Episode Summary

Our panel explores the effects of social media on our election system, and Professor Julia Lee Cunningham talks about why some people are reluctant to act as leaders.

Episode Notes

In this election-themed episode, professors from the Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan tackle the question, “Is social media bad for democracy?” They discuss why social media is such an important influence, the spread of misinformation, and how the industry could be improved. Then, Professor Julia Lee Cunningham explains her new research into why some people are reluctant to take on leadership roles.

More information about some of the topics discussed on today’s episode:

Paper: “Learning in a Post-Truth World”

Paper: “Social Inequality and the Spread of Misinformation”

Paper: “Social Media and Well Being: Pitfalls, Progress, and Next Steps”

Forthcoming book: For the Culture

Paper: “Do I Dare? The Psychodynamics of Anticipated Image Risk, Leader Identity Endorsement, and Leader Emergence”

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Episode Host and Producer: Bob Needham.

Guests: Marcus Collins, Julia Lee Cunningham, Ethan Kross, Mohamed Mostagir.

Audio Engineer and Editor: Jonah Brockman.

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